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We’re Studiothink—a web design and branding agency known for unparalleled quality.

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We deliver beautiful websites, quality design,
insightful strategy and intelligent digital marketing. With a splash of wine. 

Based in the suburbs of Vancouver, our here in Surrey, BC, one thing truly sets us apart—our team of wine-drinking, whisky-swigging, off-the-wall talented team believe in delivering unparalleled quality. If you are thinking about rebranding your business, hiring a web design company or delving into digital marketing and marketing strategy, then you should make Studiothink part of your conversation. We are a creative agency that is able to design and develop an awe-inspiring website, plus, create an authentic brand that will increase the success of your marketing. All that plus wine? Yes, it's true.



Surrey Web Design

A Surrey manufacturing company gets a new brand

Vancouver Web Design

Fresh web design and rebrand for a BC wilderness resort

 Studiothink believes that a powerful ‘brand first’ approach drives your marketing.

Studiothink is unique not just for our quality, but because we focus on brand first. Every company wants new leads, better conversions, more loyal customers, a website that gains a lot of traffic. But all of that starts with having a unique brand. We know from working with hundreds of B2B businesses, that outstanding design, targeted messaging, a distinct voice for your company, and well-thought-out marketing are crucial to your success. We know that 'brand first' companies have powerful connections with customers, and we want to deliver that to you. 


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