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We’re Studiothink. A creative web design and marketing company where brand comes first (even before wine).

Located out here in the suburbs of Vancouver, our wine-drinking, whisky-swigging, off-the-wall talented team is making waves creating remarkable brands and websites. If you are thinking about rebranding your business, hiring a web design company, getting a new logo design, or delving into digital marketing and marketing strategy, then you should make Studiothink part of your conversation. Why? Well, because we are an experienced creative agency that can not only design and develop an awe-inspiring website, but we can create an authentic brand that will increase the success of your marketing. 



Vancouver web design by Studiothink

Branding and web design for this Surrey manufacturing company

Surrey web design by Studiothink

Haida House
 A website rebrand gone wild for the BC ecotourism resort

What’s different about Studiothink? We make branding an integral part of your website and marketing.

Studiothink believes in brand first. Why is branding important? Well, we've created custom websites and brands for hundreds of companies from our Surrey, BC head office, and we know from 20+ years of experience that quality brands achieve better results. Good design, clever messaging and well-thought-out strategy are all part of creating relevant brands and websites that will create powerful connections with your customers. Once you have a remarkable brand that will be remembered, then—and only then, do you start marketing. Brand first. It’s the core of who we are.   


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