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 We empower companies. We empower websites. We empower ideas. We empower results. We empower brands.

We’re Studiothink. A branding agency that delivers wow-factor web design and impactful marketing. And we love wine.

We want to help businesses harness the power of branding in order to drive their growth.

Our wine-drinking, whisky-swigging, off-the-wall talented team believe in delivering nothing less than remarkable brands and websites. Are you searching for the right agency to rebrand your company, design a new website, or do marketing campaigns and digital strategy? We’ve got your back (and a good cabernet). Get to know us better in our rockin’ video.

Vancouver Branding and Website Design Agency, Studiothink

Kickass brands matter.

Impactful statement, right? But we are serious when we say this. A powerful brand matters—it defines who you are, drives your marketing and inspires customers to act. We know this because we’ve worked with hundreds of companies throughout Vancouver, Surrey and BC to deliver quality websites and brands. At Studiothink, we work hard to drive your business forward.

Surrey Branding and Website Design Agency, Studiothink

Renowned quality and unparalleled experience.

Quality is where we excel. We’d go so far as to say our quality is truly unmatched. Bold? Maybe. But whether we are talking web design, branding, content creation, web development, rebrands, new campaigns or digital marketing—the companies who hire us are creating powerful connections with their customers. Come see a few of the amazing brands for yourself.

Surrey Branding and Website Design Agency, Studiothink

It’s true. Our ideas do indeed pair perfectly with wine.

Is it your goal to work with like-minded people who are passionate, creative, forward-thinking and drive you to be better? Ours too. Studiothink works closely with companies to design and develop awe-inspiring websites, but also to create authentic brands that contribute to your business growth.

Vancouver Branding and Website Design Agency, Studiothink