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We build brands that are remarkable. We build brands that are impactful. We build brands that are memorable. We build brands that are rebellious.

We are Studiothink.

We want to give you
wow factor design, honest strategy
and badass websites.

We fiercely believe that rebellious brands connect with people.

Our wine-drinking, whisky-swigging, off-the-wall talented team is passionate about designing websites, brands and marketing strategies that inspire people to connect with your company. We build up local businesses so that they can succeed, and have created hundreds of inspired, wow-factor brands for companies throughout Vancouver, Surrey and British Columbia.

Surrey, BC and Vancouver Web Design, Studiothink

We’re doing our best to get back to real relationships.

We want to get back to how it used to be, people who liked each other and did business together. We want to put genuine back into the equation, because when there is trust between clients and agencies, great ideas flourish. Welcome to business built on relationships.

Surrey Branding and Website Design Agency, Studiothink

We’re a team of creative disruptors
who propel companies forward.

Pfft. Don’t be like your competitor.

Bland corporate vibes aren’t for us. If you want a rebrand, new website or marketing campaign, then you want a rebel agency (like us) who fights to make you stand apart, not fit in with the rest. Whad’ya say, want to get rebellious, or do you want the same?

We’ve got your back, and a good Cabernet.

Vancouver Branding and Website Design Agency, Studiothink

The world needs you to stop being
boring and mediocre.

Be a brand rebel.