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Our company was founded on one simple principle. Don’t do mediocre.

In 1997 Studiothink began with a mission: Bring great design and marketing to companies around us. We started with a question. What if a good brand could make a difference? Hundreds of brands and glasses of wine later, we know it has.

About Studiothink, A Rebel Brand Agency

Our manifesto is simple.

We don’t do mediocre.

We’re on a mission to give you better brands and websites so that you have the tools you need to grow your company.

Look, we can’t go out and get new sales for you, but what we can do is give you everything you need to reach customers in a way that connects with them and makes them feel good about working with your company.

We call that authenticity.

We know a little something about being authentic because well, ta da, meet Studiothink. We are a team of extremely talented people who just happen to think that being ourselves is better than trying to be like everyone else. There are no suits here, no awards on our walls, no fancy downtown address, and no one pretends to like you. Ha ha. Just kidding, of course we like all our clients.

Anyways, this local team of people we call Studiothink are all here for the same reason—wine. No, no, no. Of course that’s not why. We are here to deliver unbelievable design, powerful brand stories, amazing websites and targeted marketing, all because we want something better for your company.

That’s a pretty awesome reason to work together, don’t you think?