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Studiothink is a Vancouver Based Web Design and Branding Agency

Find out more about Studiothink. Things you’ll love about us.

Our manifesto is simple. We believe in the power of human experiences.

We live for the moments when someone says to us, hey, I really love your vibe. That’s when we know we’re the right agency for you. Something about us resonated with you. 

Maybe you love wine as much as we do. Maybe you have a tiny glimmer of rebel in your business. Maybe you just love how we talk to you, like a human (take that ChatGPT). Whatever it is, we created an experience that made you want to work with us. 

That’s the power of human experiences, and we want to do that for your company, too.

Whether it’s your brand, your website, a campaign or digital marketing—however you market your company, it needs to provide an exceptional human experience. It needs to look. act, speak and perform in just the right way to get people to take action.

We work with companies to help them find their human side, companies that want to genuinely engage customers, rally employees and influence stakeholders and investors. 

You’ve come to us because you want change (and probably that glass of wine). Join us, brand rebels, our agency was built for you.

we are a company that Freaking Lives by TEN core values.

About Us — Studiothink Web Design and Marketing Agency

BRANDS AND WEBSITES where the experience that humans have with you—matters.

Other than being Sassy, here’s what makes Studiothink unique.

We don’t do mediocre.

This is our number one core value. Our team is passionate about the quality of their craft, and strive to bring that passion to every aspect of their role. Whether that’s customer service, design, copywriting, strategy or web development, we don’t deliver mediocre.

Unparalleled expertise.

We are highly specialized in brand and web development and our team has advanced expertise in the areas of strategy, design, marketing, writing and web development. Our knowledge and guidance is invaluable as you begin to navigate this growth or change phase of your company. See, we actually make you drink less, not more.

Seamlessly integrated team.

We have an end-to-end, in-house team, making it easy to collaborate and move seamlessly between departments and areas of expertise, while also allowing you to work with one agency and one point of contact.

Wine lovers, hell yes.

Why are we always going on about wine, you ask? Not because we’re always drinking it (well, maybe on Fridays), but because it’s a metaphor that sums up what we believe—that human experiences matter. Wine has played an integral role in bringing people together and forging stronger connections. Exactly what we believe a great brand—and a great company should do.

is this you? What it means to Be a Brand rebel.

A brand rebel is someone who wants their company to change the world, even in some small way. They are innovators who believe their company can make a difference in people’s lives and communities. They want to disrupt their industry and realize that in order to do so, they need to rebel (even a teensy bit) against convention.

Brand rebels know that being like everyone else doesn’t change the world. They live outside of the comfort zones their industry has set, thriving on change and pushing boundaries—which in turn draws in others who believe in them. 

Brand rebels are the dreamers, doers and innovators, and our job is to bring their experience to life.