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We believe that rebellious, charismatic brands help businesses thrive.

We believe the world should be full of rebellious, engaging, charismatic brands. Our job is to rid the planet from mundane brands, bad websites and boring copy so businesses can thrive and prosper. We happen to believe that we are saving the world—one brand at a time.

Surrey Branding, Marketing and Web Design Company

Our manifesto is simple.

We want to be the creative disruptors who propel your company forward.

In an era where the noise around us is increasing and interaction with people is decreasing, it’s more important than ever to gain the attention of customers. How do you do that? We believe that answer is through your brand.

For over 20 years Studiothink has focused on creating impactful brands. What started out as a venture between Sherry Jacobi and Chandra Blouin in 1997 has grown into a powerhouse company of 17 people, each one incredibly talented in their field.

We strive to work for companies who want to push the boundaries of what has been done before. Like-minded people who are driven, passionate, and have the same commitment to succeed as we do. Oh and in case you have a bridge phobia, we are in the suburbs—Surrey to be exact.