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find out more about STUDIOTHINKYou could say we are
rebels with a cause.

authenticity connects peopleOur manifesto is simple.

Be a brand rebel. 

We create amazing brands and websites to give companies like yours the marketing arsenal you need to reach and connect with customers in a way that is authentic.

We know a little something about being authentic because well, ta da, meet Studiothink. We happen to think that being ourselves is better than trying to be like everyone else. 

There are no suits here, no awards on our walls, no fancy downtown address, and no one pretends to like you. Ha ha. Just kidding, of course we like all our clients.

Anyways. This local team of people we call Studiothink are all here for the same reason: wine. No, no, no. Of course that’s not why. We’re here to deliver wow-factor design, powerful brand stories, well-coded websites and strategic digital marketing because we want something better for your company—authentic brands that connect with people. We call them Brand Rebels.

we BELIEVE IN our TEN core values.

just over here being, well, authentically us.

authenticity connects people

Local owners.
Local office.
Local team.

Yah, yah we know. Outsourcing would be cheaper. We’d cut down on office space, have lower overhead costs and fewer salaries. But what the heck? That doesn’t build our community. That doesn’t create local jobs or support the local economy. We can do better.

So, we have made a conscious decision to employ a local team and to have a neighbourhood office where people can work, meet, drink, eat, laugh and engage. We choose local suppliers, we shop at our local Cloverdale businesses and we focus on working with BC companies.

When you choose to work with Studiothink you can walk into our office and have a conversation with web designers, marketing strategists, copywriters and web developers. We’ve got an amazing group of talented local peeps who create better work than any offshore solution. Period.

We believe in building strong personal connections, we love to drink wine with you, we care more about your biz, and we try harder to help you succeed. That’s community.

Our History26 years and counting.

In 1997 Sherry Jacobi and Chandra Blouin launched Studiothink by asking: What if we built a different company? What if we did things our way? What if we ignored the skeptics?

Along the way we won design awards, we hung things on our wall like Entrepreneur of the Year. We rubbed shoulders with important people, offered top notch services, held events and offered what was expected in our industry. Our company grew.

But the vibe in our office didn’t feel, well—happy. We had lost our spark by trying to be like everyone else. We wanted that fire back, we wanted Studiothink to be authentically us and to connect with other like-minded people. What if, we asked ourselves, we could reimagine a world full of authentic, connected brands—starting with our own company?

So here we are, fast forward 25 years, being authentically us, connecting with people like you, who, well, just get us. Doing things not because it’s what everyone else does or expects, but because it aligns with our values and is genuinely our passion.

Hundreds of websites, brands and glasses of wine later our rebel attitude is still going strong.

Making great things since 1997. That’s a lot of years.