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This is how us brand rebel types roll.

Here are our ten core values that our rebel hearts will never abandon.

Creative Agency Core Values

We don’t do mediocre.

“Hey, I really hope my company is mediocre,” said no one, ever. If you feel the urge to stand out from the crowd, show your personality, be a blow-your-competitor-away kind of company, you are exactly the type of rebel who has captured our heart. Your company deserves a rebel brand, and that’s exactly our speciality.

We bring passion to everything we do.

Our enthusiasm for business is authentic. We passionately believe that rebellious brands connect with people. By creating things like badass websites, creative marketing strategy and standout logos we can change how you connect with your customers, and a stronger connection with customers creates success. Our passion for wine is also legit.

We build genuine relationships.

We want to get back to how it used to be, people who liked each other and did business together. Good decisions and ideas happen when people respect, motivate and support each other. We value genuine relationships, and sometimes gather around the bar for a coffee, whisky or wine, well, because we like each other. Join us.

We are creative.

Duh. We’re a creative agency. And, not to brag or anything, but our creative is really, really amazingly good (okay, that was totally bragging). We are idea people, and finding creative ways to make your company stand out is what we do.

We stay positive and open minded.

Haven’t you been reading those Instagram quotes? Positivity is in, and for good reason. New ideas flourish when people have positive attitudes and open minds. Obviously your new rebel brand needs that kind of idea power, so we keep the positivity flowing around here.

We think outside the box.

Bland corporate vibes aren’t for us. We endeavour to create strategic brands that are authentic, fresh and uniquely you. We aren’t afraid to step out of the sameness of your industry to make you stand out. If you dare (come on, dare).

We don’t sacrifice integrity.

Companies work with us because they value the expertise we bring to the table, but also because they know they can trust us to deliver great quality, to tell the truth, and to always have their best interest in mind. Integrity is kind of a big deal around here. Unless we are playing cornhole at our annual company barbecue, then all honour is out the door.

We’re all a little quirky, fun or weird.

Everyone here has the freedom to be their quirky selves. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We laugh. We tease Mike about his dad sweaters. Why? Because happy people produce better ideas, and let’s face it, quirky, fun people just make the world a more interesting place to be.

We embrace change and new ideas.

New stuff doesn’t scare us. We embrace new avenues to use for marketing, design and websites. We love the possibilities that change offers, and use it to our advantage. We are constantly diversifying our skill sets and learning, growing and expanding our knowledge. We are, however, afraid of very tiny spiders.

We are f*ing real.

We know we aren’t a typical agency. We’re okay with that. We are real people, with real talent who are genuine in our quest to help companies create their own rebel brand. And, as we are keeping it real here, we are also guilty of being sassy and having the occasional glass of wine (sometimes, at the same time).