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B2B Web Design that Doesn’t Suck

Let’s face it, B2B companies never get the glory. It’s always glitzy consumer businesses who have the nicest logos, the coolest websites, and the most famous brands. But we’re here to tell you that some B2B companies are breaking down that barrier and embracing websites and branding like never before.


B2B (or business to business) companies don’t sell directly to consumers, but instead, sell to other businesses. They are the corporate underdogs who, until lately, remained behind the scenes, often relying on cold calling, industry contacts and word of mouth to get new business. Marketing just wasn’t high on their priority list. You probably drive right past a number of these multi-million dollar companies every day, but because they don’t have a TV ad, a celebrity sponsor, or a viral social media campaign, you’ve never even heard of them.


Thankfully, the magic of web and social media have levelled that good old branding playing field, and B2B companies are starting to awaken to the new reality—websites are powerful marketing tools that they can leverage to get more sales, just like consumer companies do. Hell, yah. Now the hard part, getting rid of those old ugly brands.


Some B2B companies are breaking down that barrier and embracing websites and branding like never before.

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We’ve rounded up a few examples of companies who are embracing branding and proving that B2B web design doesn’t suck.


Western Pacific

Western Pacific Studiothink Branding



BERMANFALK Website Design



Vitrium Website Design Studiothink Vancouver


Modern Engineering

Modern Engineering Studiothink Website Design


HS Crombie

HS Crombie Website Design



Walcan Website Design Studiothink Vancouver


Frozen Mountain

Frozen Mountain Studiothink Website Design


Okay, yes it’s true, we designed all of those websites. In fact, we specialize in creating amazing websites and brands for the B2B industry. Get in touch today to discover how you can elevate your marketing.