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BERMANFALK and Their 16 Year Branding Evolution

Studiothink has a roster of great clients, but throughout the years, there is one client that stands out as being a poster child for branding. Through thick and thin, bad economy, good economy, changing business models, changing staff and office moves, BERMANFALK has stood steadfast in their belief that branding can make all the difference.


Our love story (professionally speaking) began 16 years ago when local Langley entrepreneur Gary Berman called to let us know that Paul Falk and himself had bought Legacy Furniture, known for their custom-made, traditional oak furniture. They had a vision to custom manufacture high-end furniture that would be sold through premium retailers across Canada. And the first order of business—a new brand.


BERMANFALK Vancouver Branding Studiothink Website Design


Studiothink launched into the task of re-naming the business, and after dozens of possibilities put forth, the name BERMANFALK finally stuck. The next order of business was to design a logo, brochures, sales sheets, stationery and a website. When the new brand debuted, it quickly became known as a leading high-end furniture brand. You would think the success of the brand would mean the book would be closed on this brand success story, but, in the business world, ever changing trends and economies wreak havoc on even the strongest brands.


In the business world, ever changing trends and economies wreak havoc on even the strongest brands.

- studiothink.COM


In 2008 a weak economy put a screeching halt on luxury consumer purchases, and plunged BERMANFALK into an unknown future. This however didn’t stop BERMANFALK, and they approached Studiothink once again, this time, to help refresh the brand and re-position their company to target a new market—hospitality casegoods (hotel furniture, for those of us not in the know). The brand was once again brought to life, with a new look, a new website and a refresh of the logo.


BERMANFALK Vancouver Branding Ad Design Studiothink


This time you would think their branding would finally be set aside, put to bed and hands washed of the task (excuse all the metaphors). But BERMANFALK has never allowed their brand to be ‘good enough’, they have been a leader in driving forward an ever-changing, modern brand that has adapted to their market, to their success and to their growth. Their brand has been a living, breathing entity that has adapted as they have changed—and grown, as they have grown.


In 2016, Studiothink was involved in creating and launching the newest iteration of their brand, and in November a new website was launched, along with new ad campaigns, social media campaigns and printed materials. The newest brand reflects their passion for the hospitality industry, as well as their commitment to the interior design community.


Why do they do this? You might ask. It’s simple, BERMANFALK believes in the power of brand equity, and they know the success it can bring. They have doubled both their revenue and staff in the past two years, operate multiple manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam, and are seen as an industry leader in design-driven hospitality casegoods and seating throughout North America. That’s a pretty powerful brand success story.


BERMANFALK Vancouver Studiothink Stationery Business Card