I settled into my desk this morning, sipping my Nespresso from my pink insulated mug as if it was a precious gift from the caffeine gods, sun slicing through the slats in the blinds. I can hear the banter of my team at the other end of the office. 

It’s chaotic here today, just the way I like it.

I open my notebook, and there at the bottom of my neatly written to-do list two small words stare back at me: Write blog.

As a writer, surely this is one task I can wrap up quickly. Except. That task had been sitting on my list for weeks. I mean, okay, procrastination is kind of kryptonite for me, but for it to sit that long on my list, willing me to pick up my pen (figuratively)—well, that seemed odd.

I flip pages, searching through my list of topic ideas, looking for a spark of creativity. My list is rather bleak. No, it’s completely bleak. WordPress vs. Wix. Top benefits of a great website. How to leverage your brand. My so-called list of blog topics has definitely died and gone to SEO hell.

Then inspiration hits. I don’t have to write these blogs, I can ask my AI app to write them. I can tweak some questions, type them in, and get this blog article done within the hour. I am a multi-tasking, time saving, entrepreneurial genius.

I type my questions into ChatGPT. Refine. And voila. Ten minutes later I am staring at my completed, 350-word, fully SEO optimized blog article. 

I read through it again. And again. And once more. The curser blinks at me, beckoning me to copy, paste and publish. 

The hottest topic du jour: Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something we’ve been using for tasks like directions and searches for years, but lately that little sucker has really amped up its game. 

Where we used to ask it simple queries like “Starbucks near me” we can now ask complex questions like:

“Tell me about Starbucks winter drinks, make it funny and give me details about calories I would need to burn to earn one.”

First up, we have the classic Peppermint Mocha. This delicious concoction is made with espresso, steamed milk, mocha sauce, and peppermint syrup, and it’s topped off with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder. It’s the perfect drink to warm you up on a chilly winter day… and to give you the energy you need to shovel all that snow off your driveway! To burn off the 440 calories in a grande Peppermint Mocha, you’ll need to do about 45 minutes of ice skating, or 50 minutes of snowball fighting. Better start practicing your triple axel and your aim!

Not a bad response right? ChatGPT scoured the web, found information, and formulated a completely human-like response within mere seconds. Side note: I’m not impressed that it takes 45 minutes of exercise to burn off a Peppermint Mocha.

Although impressive, it boggles my mind that of all the potential we possess, teaching computers how to research and write came first. We couldn’t have put that time and brainpower into, oh I don’t know, how to produce clean energy instead of increasing our carbon footprint? I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

However, here we are, ChatGPT exploding onto the scene like Rip saving Beth with nothing but his rugged cowboy swagger. AI gives consumers what they demand—easy and instant, the answer to all our problems—the blog on my to-do list being the perfect example.

Now that AI is here, how can we leverage it?

Because of the robust research capabilities that AI has, it can be leveraged to help answer questions, and can even narrow the amount of apps you currently use.

Instead of using grammar and spellchecking apps, AI can produce clean work that requires significantly less editing. It can and should be leveraged for editing and rewrites.

It can be leveraged as a tool to help with queries that are dictionary or thesaurus related, as well as social media posts and research-heavy content. It saves hours of internet research and there is no doubt that AI will become the go-to source for information and content. In other words, it’s here to stay.

How can we stay relevant in an AI world?

Anyways, back to my blog.

I just couldn’t bring myself to publish it. Every fibre of my being truly believes in the power of human connection. 

Yes, AI can generate human-like responses and even throw in a quip here and there if that’s your jam. But it doesn’t know what rain smells like. It can’t feel grief, or know the joy that comes from dancing on a Saturday night. It doesn’t know what I believe, or what I value, or what I’ve been through.

AI leaves out the important part of writing, the part that connects with humans—stories, crafted from our experiences—a personal journey.

To stay relevant, we need to stay human. A really great website will explain why the company values are important. A really great blog will share a personal story from someone who is invested in the outcome. 

I’m not interested in writing with AI to save time, my passion is to write something that truly connects with you, and shares a part of me.


I’ve been throwing a buzzword around our office lately. Human-centric. This is the key ingredient that I believe makes us not just unique, but valuable. Yes, we might now know that it takes 45 minutes to burn off one of those delicious sounding Peppermint Mochas, but, do we know what happened at the snowball fight? That’s where we, as humans, can shine.

Next time you write something, ask yourself if you are connecting on a personal level with other people. If you aren’t, get writing, tell us your values, experiences and stories. 

But, if you only need content that doesn’t connect, use AI, it will save you a ton of time.

As for me and my blog, I opted for my own thoughts and story. What you are reading is one hundred percent my opinionated, rather procrastinate-y self. And although I’m fully aware that AI will be out crawling, ready to steal my experiences and ideas for the next person who queries—you know what?

I have plenty more experiences coming. And thousands more I’ve never told anyone. Being human wins, every time.

Sherry Jacobi