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Surrey is Home to One of BC’s Largest Branding Agencies

You're about to find out one of Surrey, BC's best kept secrets—it is home to the creative branding agency, Studiothink. This thriving company is one of the largest web design and branding agencies in BC, boasting a team of 14 staff members, and over $1 million in annual revenue. And the real kicker—it's one of the very few agencies in Canada that is 100% owned by women. Added to this is the fact that female Creative Directors account for only 3% of Creative Directors in the world—making Studiothink one of the most unique agencies in BC.


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Another unique thing about Studiothink? It's not located in Downtown Vancouver, which has typically been a hotbed for creative agencies. Since 1997, Studiothink has been located in Surrey, and has fought an uphill battle to gain market share, due to the fact that they were not considered 'hip' if they didn't have a downtown address. That perception is changing—and quickly.


Surrey is set to be a hub for business growth over the next few years, and our location is perfectly poised to handle that growth.

- sherry jacobi, creative director & Founder, Studiothink


“With more and more millennials and Generation Y people moving out of the Vancouver core for financial reasons, we believe we are well suited for continued growth, not only due to a higher volume of qualified employees moving this way, but also because more companies are moving to Surrey for less costly rent,” says Founder and Creative Director, Sherry Jacobi. “Surrey is set to be a hub for business growth over the next few years, and our location is perfectly poised to handle that growth.”


Studiothink recently made a move themselves—but it wasn't because they needed to change cities, it was because they needed room for expansion. In July 2016 they moved from their existing Surrey location, into a 2600 sq. ft. heritage building in the historic district of Cloverdale, BC. The new space offers the team of creatives more than just a cool space with some extra elbow room, the move puts them closer to major highways which reduces travel time for visiting clients, as well as on a bustling street of bars, restaurants, sushi and coffee shops—the perfect refueling stations for their busy staff members.


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The area of Surrey known as Cloverdale was originally founded as a small farming community in 1870. The building that is now home to Studiothink was once a livery stable, and although you’ll no longer find horses in the building, they aren't too far away—the famous Cloverdale Rodeo as well as Elements Casino Racecourse are just down the street.


“The perception about Surrey is changing,” states Jacobi. “Our agency is large enough now that we don't have to fight the stigma of our location. But the fact is, most of our business comes from this area and companies are excited to find out that an agency of our calibre is located closer to their neighbourhood.”