A leadership transition for Studiothink.

Studiothink, one of Canada’s leading branding agencies, is excited to announce a significant transition in its leadership. Sherry Jacobi, a veteran presence in the company for over two decades, will be stepping into the role of sole owner and Chief Executive Officer.

Sherry Jacobi has been a driving force behind Studiothink’s success and growth. As the founder of the company, her strategic vision, passion for innovation, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in shaping Studiothink into the powerhouse agency it is today. Sherry brings to the role over 34 years of experience in brand strategy, creative direction, management, leadership, and entrepreneurship, making her uniquely positioned to continue to lead Studiothink into its next chapter.

Sherry Jacobi, CEO and Creative Director of Studiothink

In light of this transition, it is with mixed emotions that Studiothink announces the departure of Chandra Blouin, co-founder and Director of Strategy of Studiothink. Chandra has been an integral part of the company’s success since its inception, and her dedication to its values and objectives has been invaluable. Unfortunately, due to a family health issue, Chandra has made the difficult decision to leave the company.

“My years at Studiothink have been filled with incredible moments working alongside talented individuals, building relationships with our clients, and contributing to projects that I am truly proud of,” says Chandra Blouin. “It has been a privilege to be a part of this journey. As I step away, I am confident that Sherry Jacobi, with her wealth of experience and passion for the company, will be the leader that Studiothink needs to continue its legacy of excellence.”

Sherry’s proficiency in management and leadership has been evident since the beginning. Her strategic decision-making, effective team management, and commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and excellence have been instrumental in Studiothink’s sustained growth. As an entrepreneur, Sherry has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, guiding the agency through evolving industry trends and emerging technologies.

“Although I am saddened by Chandra’s departure, I am excited to take on the responsibilities of sole owner and CEO at Studiothink,” says Sherry Jacobi. “I am committed to building on our reputation of excellence, fostering innovation, and ensuring that Studiothink continues to be a well-known leader in the industry. That and, well, that we always have wine.”

The entire Studiothink team extends their support to Chandra during this challenging time and expresses their gratitude for her hard work and commitment, wishing her and her family strength and resilience in facing these circumstances. 

Studiothink looks forward to building on its legacy of excellence under Sherry’s leadership and remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and the ‘brand rebel’ culture that defines this unique company.

A personal note from Sherry.

I’d love to connect, or reconnect, with you. If you want to reach out to say hi, or even to meet with me to have coffee (or wine), please get in touch! I’m excited about this new chapter and how I can bring my expertise in business, branding, leadership and entrepreneurship to the forefront even more than previously.

Here’s my contact information, please reach out or connect wherever you feel comfortable. I look forward to hearing from you!

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