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Website Design
How to Use Google Analytics to Determine if You Need a New Website
When has your website run its course? It’s difficult to tell unless you look at the data. Here are eight things to check in Google Analytics that will tell you if the shelf life on your website has expired.
Website Design, Marketing Strategy
What is UX Design? And Why Should You Care?
UX stands for User Experience. Specifically the usability experience of websites. UX design was born out of the need for companies to see measurable results from what has grown to be their most expensive, and most important marketing tool—their website.
Website Design
What is a Full Stack Developer?
Have you ever heard the term 'Full Stack Developer' and wondered what it really means? We'll explain what a full stack developer really needs to know to help you with your website.
Website Design, Marketing Strategy
Why Salespeople Can't Sell Without a Killer Website
There are many bad websites out there, especially in the world of manufacturing. B2B companies have traditionally been fashionably late when it comes to marketing and branding. However, their sales staff think differently.
Website Design
Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
The fact is, in today’s digital landscape the mobile friendly website is essential to making your site seen and used by the public and potential customers. Here are five of the top reasons why you need a mobile-friendy website.