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What is a Branding Agency? And, What Does A Branding Agency Do?
We often get asked what a branding agency does. A branding agency creates more than just a pretty logo or website, and if you aren't feeling passionate about your company, it's time to read this explanation of what we do.
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Why Your Company Needs Authentic Core Values
Core values. Some call them bullshit. But around here we hire, fire, live and work by them, and we believe there is huge benefit in having core values. Here's how to create your own company core values, and some lessons we learned along the way.
Branding, Marketing Strategy
A Non-Boring Approach to Content Marketing
Content marketing sounds like another tedious business activity that I don’t have time for. Content plus marketing. Distributing value? Driving customer action? This all sounds hard. Gross. But wait until you hear what content marketing really is.
The Challenges of Branding a Cannabis Company
Cannabis. Weed. Pot. Marijuana. Whatever you like to call this medicinal and recreational herb, it’s here to stay, and in a big way. Here's some branding and business challenges facing the industry, and how they can be overcome.
Building a Tribe. How to Get Employees to Buy in to Your Brand.
These guiding (and somewhat unconventional) principles will help you create a company brand that employees can feel connected to.
The Power of Purposeful Brands. What’s Your ‘Why’?
As a branding agency, our job is, of course, to make a company look better. But today the conversation needs to be about more than look, it needs to be about how we can keep your brand relevant by uncovering your purpose and putting it to work for you. Here's how.
Branding, Marketing Strategy
Crowdculture—How To Build Brand Traction
Today’s savvy consumers want to listen and buy from brands they feel a connection with, to follow and support companies who share their beliefs, emotions and causes. What today’s brands must deliver is substance and authentic content, from real people. There is even have a fancy new buzzword for this authenticity—Crowdculture.
Branding, Website Design, Marketing Strategy
How to Choose a Creative Agency
Let’s face it, you haven’t worked with them before, and the only thing you know so far is the price they’ve given you in their proposal. So how do you determine if this is THE one? The agency who will love you and work with you forever? Here are 10 ways how to choose a creative agency. And we are totally okay (kind of) with the fact that it might not be us.
Branding, Marketing Strategy
What is a Brand Analysis?
Two out of three B2B companies say generating leads is their biggest challenge. But, 38% of salespeople say it’s getting more difficult to get a response from prospects. So what does that tell you? It’s time to start putting your brand to work.
When is the Right Time for a Company Rebrand?
Are you thinking about rebranding? A strong brand is more important than ever. Consumers can search for products and services from anywhere, thanks to the latest smartphone in their pocket. If you don’t stand out, you’ll get glossed over. But let’s get one thing straight: a brand isn’t just your logo.