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B2B Web Design that Doesn’t Suck
Let’s face it, B2B companies never get the glory. It’s always glitzy consumer businesses who have the nicest logos, the coolest websites, and the most famous brands. But we’re here to tell you that some B2B companies are breaking down that barrier and embracing websites and branding like never before.
Branding, Marketing Strategy
BERMANFALK and Their 16 Year Branding Evolution
Through thick and thin, bad economy, good economy, changing business models, changing staff and office moves, Vancouver, BC manufacturer BERMANFALK has stood steadfast in their belief that branding could make all the difference.
Branding, Marketing Strategy
Why Your Product Line Needs a Logo
If you want to grow your business and your product line, product family logos are a key element to effective packaging design. Don't believe us? Here are some lessons from big brands.
Branding, Marketing Strategy
How to Come Up With Awesome Business Name Ideas
Your business plan is done, you’ve lined up financing, you’ve figured out your operations and you’re raring to start your new business. But now you’re stuck trying to come up with company name ideas.
Trends vs. Lifespan: What Makes a Logo Look Old and Dated?
Put simply, relying too heavily on trends can hinder the lifespan of a logo. Just like the fashion world has seen some horrendous trends come and go, as graphic designers we need to ensure that we are not banking on the popularity of a particular design trend to dictate the success of a logo.