Do you long for the sound of a roaring motor as you hit the pavement? To feel the wind in your hair as you speed towards freedom? To leave it all behind for a wild life of debauchery and carelessness? (p.s. take me with you).

Okay James Dean, calm yo’ self, that isn’t exactly what it means to be a brand rebel.

But, it isn’t too far off either. 

By definition, a rebel is a person who resists authority, control or convention. There are tons of famous rebels in our history. 

William Wallace who fought for freedom from the British. (I think it’s pretty obvious you have to yell freeeeeeeeeedommmm here).  Gandhi, who led the movement for independence. Rosa Parks who stood up to racial discrimination. Oh and need I mention, Luke Skywalker? 

Rebels all have one thing in common—they want to change the world.  

A brand rebel is a company that wants to change the world.

They aren’t fighting wars or causing insurrections. What they are doing is saying, “Hey, our company can make a difference to people’s lives, to our community and to our industry, but in order to do that, we need to resist convention.”

Brand rebels know that being like everyone else doesn’t change the world. They live outside of the comfort zones their industry has set, being a bit rebellious, thriving on change and struggling with set boundaries.

They want to be uniquely themselves, they want to make a difference, and they constantly challenge status quo.

Brand rebels are dreamers, doers and visionaries.

Now why would a company want to shake things up, you might ask? Why not just be professional and do what all the others are doing.

Why not even (gasp) copy the other company doing the same thing as you? It’s already been done so wouldn’t that be easier and safer, and you’d be just as successful?

Not exactly.

Yes, you can create success being the same as everyone else. You can compete on price, product, location or service and be as successful as your competitor.

What you won’t have is that spark. That je ne sais quoi that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. That passion that spreads through people like wildfire.

Brand rebels attract people who want things to be different. People who have had bad experiences or untrustworthy relationships with industry competitors, or who just crave a company that is authentic, a company with ingenuity. 

Because of this, brand rebels find themselves naturally surrounded with people who think the same way, believe the same things and stand by the same values.

They attract employees and customers who just dig their vibe, resulting in deeper connections. They create tribes and people who have tribes are happier, more engaged people.

So the Pinterest quotes really are true—your vibe attracts your tribe. 

For those of you who are ready to shake up the status quo in your industry and show people that you are the kind of business that makes a difference, there are five steps to becoming a brand rebel. 

Five steps to becoming a brand rebel.

  1. Uncover what makes you unique.
  2. Authentically care about making a difference.
  3. Stand for something.
  4. Don’t let boundaries in your industry define you.
  5. Shout who you are to the world.

Now that you know what a brand rebel is, who here wants to be one? ?‍♀️

I have to warn you it isn’t the easy way. Trust me, I’ve walked in these rebel shoes. If you want the easy way, see my paragraph above about copying your competitor and doing what’s already been done.

But rebels, I’m telling you, the effort and time you take to differentiate your company, to become worthy of a tribe, a company with values who stands up and defines their industry in a different way—well that is something worthy of screaming freeeeeeeeeedommmm.

Sherry Jacobi