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What is a Brand Analysis?
Two out of three B2B companies say generating leads is their biggest challenge. But, 38% of salespeople say it’s getting more difficult to get a response from prospects. So what does that tell you? It’s time to start putting your brand to work.
When is the Right Time for a Company Rebrand?
Are you thinking about rebranding? A strong brand is more important than ever. Consumers can search for products and services from anywhere, thanks to the latest smartphone in their pocket. If you don’t stand out, you’ll get glossed over. But let’s get one thing straight: a brand isn’t just your logo.
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B2B Web Design that Doesn’t Suck
Let’s face it, B2B companies never get the glory. It’s always glitzy consumer businesses who have the nicest logos, the coolest websites, and the most famous brands. But we’re here to tell you that some B2B companies are breaking down that barrier and embracing websites and branding like never before.
Website Design
How Much Does a Website Cost? No, Honestly
If you are considering a new website, you may be getting some quotes and proposals (and some sticker shock), and now have more questions than when you began. What does a business website cost? Is it worth the price? How long will it take?
Branding, Marketing Strategy
BERMANFALK and Their 16 Year Branding Evolution
Through thick and thin, bad economy, good economy, changing business models, changing staff and office moves, Vancouver, BC manufacturer BERMANFALK has stood steadfast in their belief that branding could make all the difference.
Website Design
How to Use Google Analytics to Determine if You Need a New Website
When has your website run its course? It’s difficult to tell unless you look at the data. Here are eight things to check in Google Analytics that will tell you if the shelf life on your website has expired.
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Surrey is Home to One of BC’s Largest Branding Agencies
You're about to find out one of Surrey, BC's best kept secrets—it is home to the creative branding agency, Studiothink. This thriving company is one of the largest web design and branding agencies in BC.
Website Design, Marketing Strategy
What is UX Design? And Why Should You Care?
UX stands for User Experience. Specifically the usability experience of websites. UX design was born out of the need for companies to see measurable results from what has grown to be their most expensive, and most important marketing tool—their website.
Website Design
What is a Full Stack Developer?
Have you ever heard the term 'Full Stack Developer' and wondered what it really means? We'll explain what a full stack developer really needs to know to help you with your website.
Branding, Marketing Strategy
Why Your Product Line Needs a Logo
If you want to grow your business and your product line, product family logos are a key element to effective packaging design. Don't believe us? Here are some lessons from big brands.