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Rebels wanted.

Are you talented, passionate, organized, feisty and know how to open a bottle of wine? Do you want to work hard to create brands that make an impact? If you are looking for a home where you can spend your days creating kickass marketing, websites and brands, then Studiothink might be the perfect place for you.

Marketing and Design Careers, Surrey, BC

Now Hiring: Marketing Strategist

Studiothink is one of the largest and most established branding agencies in BC, and we are looking for an enthusiastic, wow-factor strategist with a strong marketing background to join our team.

The ideal candidate will have exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and a solid understanding of how to drive business growth through brand development and marketing.

You form relationships with your clients and care about their companies. You want to use branding and marketing to drive them forward. This means that from the initial research and strategy development, right through brainstorming, production and final deliverables, you are guiding the client and the team to ensure all strategic goals are met.

You are an idea person, who relies on their knowledge of business and marketing to come up with new ideas, directions, headlines and campaigns, and then works to implement them. You dig deep to understand a clients business and draw on your previous experience to formulate why statements that encapsulate their brand.

You are known for your amazing organization skills, and are able to prioritize multiple projects and tasks with ease. No matter what your day holds, you can juggle between client meetings, written project briefs, market research, brainstorming sessions and a constant flow of internal and external emails and communication.

You have a strong knowledge of traditional and digital marketing techniques, as well as what your team is capable of doing, and are able to move easily between projects such as a trade show booths or logos, right through to large websites, social media or ad campaigns. Acting as the lead strategist, you are responsible for ensuring a project achieves the goals you have originally established.

A day in the life at Studiothink will require you to juggle multiple projects and client across a wide range of industries. And, you must be extremely organized and driven while functioning under the pressure of deadlines. You are able to focus your attention on great customer service without sacrificing quality.

You will be working closely with an amazing team, and will be collaborating on projects, presenting to clients, and offering advice, input and ideas that drive the company forward. You have great attention to detail, amazing communication skills, both verbal and written, and most importantly, a positive can-do attitude that motivates those around you.

As our next Studiothinker, you are an exceptional and passionate marketer, but you are also passionate about the people, the direction and the vision of the company. You believe in and exemplify our 10 Core Values.

Benefits include extended medical and dental, 3 weeks vacation, a free wine bottle opener (we know that’s the deal clincher) and unlimited coffee, beer and wine.

Job Winning Traits

• Believes in and exemplifies our 10 Core Values.

  2+ years of experience in strategic marketing and communications.

  A level of knowledge in business and marketing that allows you to develop a deep understanding of each client’s business.

  Ensures that client projects stay on strategy and on budget as they move through production.

  Drives the growth of client brands through solid strategy, using a thorough understanding of client business and brand goals.

• Comfortable, personable and well-spoken when speaking with clients.

  Excellent presentation skills – comfortable leading client presentations and strategic meetings.

  Analyzes customer, web, social, and competitive data for insights.

  Able to do market research, uncover target audiences and competitors in order to compose targeted brand analysis documents.

  Idea person with a passion for brainstorming new ideas, campaigns, headlines and directions for a brand.

  Advanced skills in MS Office, GoogleDocs, Adobe Acrobat and email, and ability to quickly learn our new apps and software.

  Able to develop and maintain effective and cooperative relationships with a wide array of clients and team members.

  High degree of customer service.

  Able to handle deadlines and stress.

  Impeccable attention to detail.

• A genuine interest in continuously expanding your knowledge and learning new skills.

• Great work ethic and a desire to find a “home” with an agency long term.

• You are probably the type who will get a lot of use out of ‘Unwined’, our wine, whisky and coffee bar.

• If you live in the suburbs, bonus points.

Yo, marketing strategist. Want to work here? Dazzle us with your custom written cover letter, salary expectations and resume sent in PDF format only.