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Time for a change? Join us out here in the suburbs of Vancouver.

Are you talented, positive, local and know how to open a bottle of wine? Studiothink might be the perfect place for your next career move.

Vancouver and Surrey Web Design and Marketing Careers

Now Hiring: Designer

Studiothink is one of the largest and most established branding agencies in BC, and we are looking for an enthusiastic and talented designer who is able to develop stunning and strategic conceptual design and who is a talented designer who can easily cross over into all type of design projects as needed.

The ideal person will have an innate ability to just ‘get it’ when it comes to producing concepts or strategizing for new ideas that push the boundaries of what can be done. Logo conceptualization, web design, signage design, digital ads, printed brochures—no matter the medium, you have the design chops to handle it, and working closely with our amazing team, there isn’t much you can’t make look amazing.

You have exceptional Adobe CS skills, and are familiar with all the latest design trends and have a passion for the design industry. You have an amazing portfolio of work, which includes web design and logo design. Although we require a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in an agency or on real-life client work, mid- to senior level designers will be also be seriously considered for this position.

You have a real desire to learn and know a client and their business, you have exceptional production and pre-press skills, and know a Pantone colour from CMYK and Hex. You can work in inches or pixels, and you enjoy brainstorming for headlines and ideas that improve the quality of the project.

A day in the life at Studiothink will require you to juggle multiple projects, all while functioning under the pressure of deadlines. This means you must be cool under pressure, have a great sense of humour, and be able to focus your attention on creating great design without sacrificing quality.

You will be working closely with an amazing team, and you must be willing to collaborate on projects, offering advice, input and ideas that drives the company forward, and sets you apart as a great leader and motivator for the rest of the team. You have great attention to detail, and a positive attitude.

As our new Studiothinker, you will not only be required to be an exceptional and passionate designer, but you are also passionate about the people, the direction and the vision of the company. You believe in and exemplify our 10 Core Values which you can read on our website. Benefits include extended medical and dental, 3 weeks vacation, a free tshirt (we know that’s the deal clincher) and unlimited coffee, beer and wine.

Job Winning Traits

• Believes in and exemplifies our 10 Core Values.

• A deep passion for the design industry.

• 2+ years of design experience.

• An innate ability to just ‘get it’ when it comes to creating strategic designs and concepts.

• Experience with web design and U/X.

• An amazing portfolio.

• A desire to work with, and belong to, a team of equally talented and motivated people.

• Able to conceptualize and strategize in order to produce amazing designs and generate new ideas for clients.

• Advanced skills in Adobe Creative Suite.

• Able to handle deadlines and stress, even when your system crashes.

• Comfortable and well spoken when meeting clients and presenting concepts.

• A genuine interest in continuously expanding your knowledge and learning new skills.

• Great work ethic and a desire to find a “home” with an agency long term.

• You are probably the type who will get a lot of use out of ‘Unwined’, our wine and coffee bar.

If you want to be our next amazing Designer, please dazzle us with your custom cover letter and resume, sent in PDF format only.