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Who is Studiothink? Our Core Values.

It goes beyond branding and websites. This is how our company rolls.

At Studiothink, we believe that we are a better, happier, more productive company when we work with people who share our values. Because of that, we have made a conscious effort to surround ourselves with like-minded people. Preferably those who like wine, but that’s technically not a core value. Are you seeking a badass agency and group of people who share your values, too? Then read on.

Core value #1 We don’t do mediocre.

We don’t allow mediocrity to slip into our work, attitudes or creativity. We want to be inspired by those around us, and in turn, inspire others.

Core Value #2 We bring passion to everything we do.

We approach each day with a passion to help create a world full of better companies, ones who want to authentically connect with people. Our passion for wine is also legit.

Core Value #3 We build genuine relationships.

Good decisions and ideas happen when people respect, motivate and support each other. We value genuine relationships, and love to meet for a coffee, beer or wine, well, because we like each other.

Core Value #4 We are creative.

Duh. We’re a creative agency. And, not to brag or anything, but our creative is really, really freaking good (okay, that was totally bragging). But we believe in putting our creativity to good use to help others succeed.

Core Value #5 We stay positive and open minded.

We believe amazing things happen when people have positive attitudes and open minds. And who doesn’t like amazing things?

Studiothink is a Vancouver Web Design and Branding Agency that believes in the power of human experiences.

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Core Value #6 We think outside the box.

Bland corporate vibes aren’t for us. We endeavour to create brands that are authentic, fresh and unique by thinking about what could be done if we stepped even one teensy bit out of our comfort zones.

Core Value #7 We don’t sacrifice integrity.

Integrity is kind of a big deal around here. Unless we are playing cornhole at our annual company barbecue, then all honour is out the door.

Core Value #8 We’re all a little quirky, fun or weird.

We believe that accepting the individuality of everyone around us is important. We embrace the fun in things. We laugh. We embrace quirky lunch convos and never judge.

Core Value #9 We embrace change and new ideas.

We love the possibilities that change offers, and are constantly improving our skills, processes and services. We aren’t afraid to try new things. We are, however, afraid of very tiny spiders.

Core Value #10 We are f*cking real.

We know we aren’t a typical company. We’re a bit too sweary, a bit too drinky. a bit too sassy. But we’re just real people. Sassy, sweary, drinky people, but still. Real.

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