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Working with B2B companies since 1997. An agency for the industrial sector.

Meet the team at Studiothink. We believe brands should be Built to work hard.

Studiothink has worked with B2B manufacturing, industrial and construction businesses for over 27 years. We understand the unique needs industrial companies face, and know that leveraging branding and marketing can help you overcome obstacles and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. By engaging customers, connecting with customers and employees, and influencing investors we can create brands that don’t just look good, but also work hard to achieve results. Join us for a drink—let’s chat about the possibilities.

It’s not the wine talking. We’ve worked with hundreds of industrial companies.

Brand Rebels with a fresh perspective. We focus on B2B companies in THE manufacturing, industrial, construction, real estate and professional seCTOR.

We become your partner on:

Brand Strategy

We uncover and research your target market, competitors and unique selling features, giving you a roadmap of how your company can stand out in the market and differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Logos and Brand Guides

A logo is an important symbol that helps with brand recognition. It needs to be unique and memorable. A new logo can be key to staying relevant in a market where recognition is key to making an impression.

Brand Messaging + Values

A unique story and way that you speak to your audience matters. We help companies define their values and incorporate them into their company, creating connection with employees, customers and investors.

Websites + eCommerce

A website is your number one salesperson, and we aim to ensure it’s doing it’s job. From design, to content, UX strategy, web development or ecommerce, our team will make it happen.


After a company restructure or buyout it’s often valuable to reposition yourself in the market, in order to attract and retain new business. We look at all aspects to create a new path.

Brand Unification

Today’s market moves fast, and many companies are finding themselves in the position of acquiring new divisions or operating companies. We formulate a plan for a cohesive group brand.

Other ways we help you succeed:

Trade show Marketing

A trade show is probably the biggest chance to get in front of your target audience. We help you create a professional and impactful presence to draw in visitors

Marketing Campaigns

If you need to attract employees, reach new markets or announce new divisions and products, our team can strategize and implement a targeted marketing campaign.

Digital Strategy

Digital marketing enables you to create a brand presence on platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and X. We can help with a strategy or monthly implementation.

Fleet Graphics

When your brand changes, that often means a big change with your fleet and signage. Our designers can create new fleet graphics that make your brand stand out.

Presentation materials

Investor decks and sales presentations are probably part of your world, and we make them shine with a design that reflects your professionalism and brand.

Sales Centres

Branded interiors are often a much needed piece of your brand arsenal. We come alongside you to help you design and plan a sales centre that fits your needs.

AN AGENCY BUILT ON INDUSTRY. Grab a drink. Let’s chat.

Other companies have sales people. Nope, not us, we’ve got Lindsay. She’ll start with a casual conversation to determine what you need and how we can help.

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