Meet Studiothink

Strategists. Designers. Developers. Writers. Marketers. Coffee Addicts.

We are the rebels. The ones who don’t follow all the rules. The ones who push boundaries just to achieve better, stronger, more unique results. We are Studiothink.

Studiothinkers are a team of talented, passionate, determined specialists who believe in brand first. If you are looking for a big agency, that’s not us. We are lean, mean, efficient. Working from our Surrey, BC head office, we bring an unequalled level of quality to everything we do, from strategy and marketing, to design, copywriting and web development.

Experience is where we lead the way. For over 20 years we have forged the path in crafting strong brands and sharp websites. Here at Studiothink, we strive to work for amazing companies who want nothing less than to become first in their industry. Let’s break the mould together. Let’s take your company further than it’s ever gone. And while we’re at it, let’s share a cheers over a really great whisky, because that’s just the kind of agency we are.