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Reinventing an outdated brand resulted in love at first sight.


Vancouver web design, marketing and branding for Dekora

Love at first sight.

As one of BC’s largest home staging companies, DEKORA struggled with an outdated brand that didn’t depict their experience in interior design and staging, and a website that did a poor job of featuring their amazing spaces. Our idea for DEKORA stemmed from meeting them; quite simply, they had a deep passion and desire to create truly outstanding spaces that homeowners would fall in love with.

We wanted to amplify that vibe and create an online marketing presence for them that would portray their passion and talent. The statement “Love at First Sight” would become the base of their new website design and entire rebrand.

For DEKORA, the new brand launch went deeper than having a beautiful website and marketing collateral, it actually created a new sense of purpose and drive throughout their entire company. The new brand revived their core values, and Studiothink has been able to use their renewed vision and ‘Love at First Sight’ campaign to establish a more cohesive digital marketing presence.

Since the new launch, their Instagram account has experience a 73% increase in engagement, and their website has generated a 46% increase in session duration. We can’t wait to see what our two companies can accomplish in the coming months.

Vancouver web design, marketing and branding for Dekora
Vancouver web design, marketing and branding for Dekora

“Studiothink really dug deep to understand who we are as a brand, and because of that, they nailed it for us. The value has been as much internal as external, because our people are so energized and proud of who we are and what we do.”

Vancouver web design, marketing and branding