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A brand that brings Brazilian flare to Italian cabinetry.

Dell Anno Canada

Surrey web design, marketing and branding for DellAnno Canada

It’s time to live like a Bossanova.

What does it mean to live a Bossanova? (It’s pretty sexy if we do say so ourselves). It’s a trend that Dell Anno is bringing to Canada, and it’s more than a carefully crafted cabinet collection. No, it’s the belief Dell Anno chooses to embody to celebrate their Brazilian point-of-view. To live like a Bossanova means you have an appetite for the beautiful things the world has to offer. Food. Culture. Wine. Music. Design. That you believe life is an experience, and home styling is an expression of your passion and your desire for beauty.

Entering the Canadian market was a big move for Dell Anno, and they needed a website to reflect their story, showcase their zest for life, and position their product in a competitive market. Bringing Brazilian flair to Italian cabinetry, Dell Anno Canada is carving out a place for themselves in North America as a custom cabinet manufacturer and as a lifestyle brand, and Studiothink has been proud to be their partner every step of the way. 

Passionate. Vivacious. Groundbreaking. This is who Dell Anno is, and combined with their unrivalled commitment to the spirit of design and tradition, we knew we needed to spice things up for them. With that at the forefront of our minds, we strategized and designed a website that embodied their unique style and celebrated their roots, all while tastefully showcasing their custom cabinetry—creating anticipation and sparking inspiration for Canadian homeowners.

What makes Dell Anno stand out (besides their gorgeous cabinetry) is the level of passion and creativity that went into their strategy, design, development, and copywriting—and the open collaboration and trust between our team and the client. (And wine. Did we mention the wine?). It’s easy to say that our love affair with Dell Anno has only just begun. 

Surrey web design, marketing and branding for DellAnno Canada
Surrey web design, marketing and branding for DellAnno Canada

“Working with Studiothink has been a perfect fit for us and our new business venture on many levels. First, they like wine, and love to talk about it, and even include it in their presentations. So do we. Second, they take business seriously and yet do it with great synergy, creativity and fun. So do we. Third, they ‘get us’ completely and deeply, and translated our spoken and unspoken desires for this brand and website into reality with surprising ease. That’s rare.”

Surrey web design, marketing and branding for DellAnno Canada