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from: us From an entrepreneur with an idea to an exciting new brand.

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Building a new company takes courage.

Jessica came to Studiothink with an entrepreneurial idea: to create a company that would give meaningful, custom curated gift boxes. What she needed was a road map of how to make it a reality, and that started with a name.

Working closely with Jessica, we began to understand her innate ability to just ‘get people’ and to relate closely to their needs. As a gifting company, she could easily assess the needs of a customer, and translate that into unique, custom gift boxes that really spoke to the recipient. Her brand needed to be an extension of her personality, friendly, warm and classy.

From the unique name with a hand drawn string in the logo, to the website that was uncluttered, simple to use and welcoming, her new brand took shape. She is now using her new brand consistently through social media and all her marketing, giving her the confidence to continue to build and grow this exciting new company.