i2i Fulfillment

Branding an inventory control company.

Studiothink created the following for i2i Fulfillment.

>  Logo Design
>  Brand Strategy and Research
>  Web Design and Development
>  Open Source CMS Integration
>  Content Strategy
>  Copywriting
>  Printed Brand Materials
>  Custom Photoshoot

i2i creative branding and web design by Studiothink / Vancouver, BC

Cutting edge order fulfillment.

i2i Fulfillment is a company that believes that their success relies on data, and the more accurate the information on suppliers, inventory, and demand is, the more informed the decision making can be when it comes to carrying as little inventory as possible while still meeting their customers real-time needs. Their entire company direction is to have complete transparency, and to have a complete dedication to data. However, their brand needed to convey this cutting edge approach, and showcase their people, their drive, and their modern approach. To do this, they would need to undergo a complete company rebrand. 


i2i Fulfillment creative branding and web design by Studiothink / Vancouver, BC
branding, web design, web design by Studiothink / Vancouver, BC

Infusing personality into a fulfillment brand.

You would think that a fulfillment brand should be bland and boring, but we didn't think so. Studiothink wanted to create a brand where personality stood out, and this started with people. i2i has a strong team, and in order to showcase this, we did a custom photo shoot so that we could infuse their people throughout their website and marketing materials. The new logo would have a fresh, young vibe to it, and their website would be modern and easy to use, just like their fulfillment services. A little fun, and clear, concise content was also a big part of their website, allowing customers to easily understand what they do. The rebrand has taken i2i Fulfillment from dated and tired, to fresh, vibrant and exciting. To Studiothink, there is no such thing as a boring industry, and this is the perfect example of how any company can have a modern, relevant brand.

i2i Fulfillment branding and web design by Studiothink / Vancouver, BC

“Our business had evolved beyond our brand and we needed to consider a new look and digital presence that reflected the sophistication of our operations. Studiothink dove in to get a sense of who we are and how we operate to produce a new logo and website design that’s a modern reflection of our corporate charm.”

— Michael Docherty