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KINDRED FARMA complete rebrand is giving this community farm the recognition it deserves.

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A new name and brand is helping this local charity showcase a great cause.

Kindred Farm Sanctuary, formerly SALI Farms was having an identity crisis. After years of having the same brand, they needed to evolve to be able to better showcase what they did, and how they helped the community.

Studiothink began by creating a new name and brand identity which would carry through all their materials, including a new website, stationery and marketing materials. It didn’t happen overnight though. Kindred approached the process with caution, taking the rebrand in small steps to ensure that their entire team and supporters wouldn’t be confused about the change.

Their website was built to support a specific initiative, which is to get more of the community involved, and to help them find a new property. This small local charity has a big heart and some big goals, and they focus on healing hearts by using rescued animals. Their unique approach allows both humans and animals to heal and strengthen. Their philosophy of kindness and love is truly captured in their new name: Kindred.

Rebrand Design and Website