Modern Engineering

Pushing marketing boundaries for a modern manufacturer.

Studiothink created the following brand touchpoints for Modern Engineering.

>  Logo Design
>  Brand Strategy
>  Website Design and Development
>  Stationery Design
>  Marketing Collateral
>  Optimized Copywriting and Blog Writing
>  Custom Photography
>  Digital Marketing
> Sub-brand Strategy and Creative
> E-commerce Design
> Clothing Line Strategy

branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink

Modern name, outdated brand.

Modern Engineering is one of our longest client partnerships. As a CNC machine shop and manufacturer, Modern first came to us with a common problem: how could they define their brand as a manufacturer? While focusing on building their operations and client base, they had lost interest in branding the company, and although they had built a booming business, they found themselves with a brand that did not reflect the same level of modern facilities or their passion for the industry. Their brand lacked luster and connection. When they approached Studiothink they were eager to explore different marketing avenues which would showcase their knowledge and expertise to the world, but would also portray them, truly, as Modern.


branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink
branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink

Pushing the boundaries of the industry.

Studiothink began work on a new logo and website which would position Modern as experts in their field. However, after the initial few projects, the partnership between Studiothink and the General Manager, Udo Jahn, began to evolve into a relationship where we could bounce ideas off each other, allowing us to explore marketing ideas that hadn't been done in the industry before. A cheeky clothing line of CNC jokes (yes, there is such a thing) was launched, as well as a YouTube channel of Udo interviewing other experts in the industry. Studiothink also helped Udo as he launched a successful career as a public speaker and motivator at major manufacturing conferences, with Studiothink developing his unique persona into his personal website. Throughout the years, we have touched on every aspect of branding and marketing for this truly modern company, and we love our partnership with this unique Delta-based machine shop, who are always willing to listen to our crazy (amazing) ideas.

branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink