Valordek Vinyl Decking

A vinyl decking brand has never looked this good.

Studiothink created the following for Valordek.

>  Naming
>  Logo Design
>  Brand Strategy and Research
>  Web Design and Development
>  Open Source CMS Integration
>  Content Strategy
>  Copywriting
>  Printed Brand Materials

Valordek creative branding and web design by Studiothink / Vancouver, BC

Developing their own line of vinyl decking.

For this established vinyl installation company, branching out to manufacturing was the next natural business move. All Seasons started as a decking installation company, buying vinyl decking material for installation for their residential and commercial customers in the Lower Mainland. Their direct installation knowledge, experience and customer feedback fuelled their desire to manufacture their own line of vinyl decking. When they came to Studiothink, this decking product had only been sold under the All Seasons Waterproofing name, however with aspirations to be one of the top three brand leaders over the next two years, they wanted to create a new brand that would go head-on with their biggest competitors and provide separation from their installation business.


Valordek creative branding and web design by Studiothink / Vancouver, BC
branding, web design, residential development, Vancouver, Toronto, ON, BCValordek creative branding and web design by Studiothink / Vancouver, BC

Creating a top tier brand.

Valordek's goal was to onboard and train installers across Western Canada (and beyond) to sell and properly install their decking product. Market penetration and growth needed to rely on generating interest and excitement amongst dealers to represent a decking product that would deliver great value, great design options, better quality for price and a 10 year warranty. Studiothink set out to create marketing materials that would meet or exceed that of other competitors and showcase this new brand as being top tier. Naming, logo design, web design and printed brand collateral was designed and developed for the brand launch.

“Studiothink brought a completely new division of our company to life by first establishing a bold brand name, then punctuating this with branded materials and a website that’s a reflection of our brand’s charm. They exceeded our timeline and our imagination - I would definitely recommend Studiothink to anyone not in the vinyl decking industry.”

— Sukh Dosanjh