A fresh new brand design hits the mark for this software company.

Studiothink created the following brand touchpoints for Vitrium.

>  Logo Design
>  Brand Strategy
>  Website Design and Development
>  UX Design
>  Stationery Design
>  Marketing Collateral
>  Trade Show Materials

branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink

Cloud-based communication.

Vitrium is a world leader in document and file protection software and analytics, and one of Vancouver's largest software companies. Their cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) applications allow users to control editing, views and downloads of PDF, Office and other file types, easily and seamlessly, so users can focus on getting work done and not how to protect it. They needed a brand that reflected their hard-as-nails software and would highlight their flexibility and capabilities as a cloud communications security solutions provider.


branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink
branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink

A technology brand is born.

Studiothink overhauled all of Vitrium's branding to position them as the leading software company they were, starting with a fresh, modern logo design. Our concept was to give their brand a minimalist, techy edge which would work well across multiple marketing platforms. We carried the new, bright concept throughout a new, robust informational website and then worked the brand into additional marketing materials they frequently used, such as white paper templates, stationery, ebook template, documentation manuals and trade show materials. They now have a cohesive brand that reflects their technology and capabilities.

branding, marketing, web design, vancouver, studiothink