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Tori Thistlethwaite Senior Brand Strategist

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Our Team > DIRECTOR of Strategy

Tori Thistlethwaite Ellenwood

As an experienced, driven and decisive leader, Tori heads our strategy and marketing team, creating success for businesses with creative and strategic marketing initiatives that achieve results.

Tori has a decade long experience in strategy, content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, and brand development, with a passion for delving deep into analytics and conversions to develop effective, goal-oriented strategies that drive businesses forward. She also has extensive education with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a Public Relations diploma, and a Professional Editing certificate.

Whether she is envisioning how to position a brand to create measurable results, creating new strategies or marketing campaigns, or leveraging marketing to create more brand equity, she is an invaluable resource for any company looking for a strategic approach to generating business success.