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Meet our Studiothinkers. Rebels with a cause.

WE believe in the power of human experiences. Wine lovers, hell yes.

Why are we always going on about wine, you ask? It’s not because we’re always drinking it (well, maybe on Fridays), but because it’s a metaphor that sums up what we believe—that human experiences matter. For centuries wine has fuelled debate and conversation, it’s been central to gatherings, celebrations, food and traditions. Wine has played an integral part in bringing people together and forging stronger connections with people. Exactly what we believe a great brand—and a great company should do.

Sherry Jacobi, CEO and Creative Director of Studiothink

Sherry Jacobi CEO and Creative Director

Tori Thistlethwaite Senior Brand Strategist

Tori Thistlethwaite Ellenwood Director of Strategy

Ask us more about
websites or wine.
You choose.

Kurtis Boylan-Studiothink Web Developer

Kurtis Boylan Director of Web Development

Frankie Cipriano Studiothink Senior Designer

Frankie Cipriano Art Director

Jessica Summers, Studiothink Operations Manager

Jessica Summers Operations Manager

Rachel Champagne, Studiothink Art Director

Rachel Champagne Art Director

Craig D'Arcy Studiothink Web Developer

Craig D’Arcy Senior Web Developer

Anmol Boparai, Strategist at Studiothink

Anmol Boparai Marketing Strategist

We secretly like
that you are
creeping our team page.

Rachel Champagne Studiothink

Tonia Neil Office Manager

Emma Franz, Manager of Customer Relations at Studiothink

Emma Franz Manager of Client Relations

Ali Ludovici, Studiothink Manager of Client Relations

Ali Ludovici Copywriter

Lindsay Nikolai, Studiothink Business Development Manager

Lindsay Nikolai Manager of Client Partnerships

It’s time to
fall in love
with your brand.

Eduardo "Lalo" Martinez Uribe - Studiothink Marketing Strategist

Lalo Martinez Marketing Strategist

Diego Almeida, Web Developer for Studiothink

Diego Almeida Web Developer