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Director of Strategy + Founder

Chandra Blouin

A business mind who is always willing to offer strategic ideas and advice, Chandra has extensive experience developing marketing and business solutions. 

Chandra Blouin, Studiothink Director of Strategy

An entrepreneur able to solve business and marketing problems.

Chandra is passionate about ideas. As a skilled and experienced marketer with over 20 years of education and experience, she is adept at developing highly effective brand strategies and business solutions by uncovering what makes a business unique. Chandra is then able to formulate those ideas into an actionable plan that will generate results.

Whether delving in to your core values, researching markets, or planning year-long strategies, her insightful ideas will ensure that your brand is in-line with your business objectives. Aside from that, she has a well-known weakness for a good bottle of red wine, so if you need to bribe her for anything, now you know the secret.