Crafting kickass custom websites is kind of our specialty.

Just say no to ordinary. Let us design a custom website for your company.

Your company is unique and your website should be too. Studiothink is a Vancouver web design and branding agency that has designed and developed hundreds of custom websites for B2B businesses. Everything from UX strategy, to web design, content writing and programming is crafted right here, in house.

A website is often the most important aspect of your marketing, and we want it to deliver results. We are passionate about creating quality, custom websites that suit the needs of your company.  



What our clients say.

“From design, to build, to launch—I really appreciate your professionalism, work ethic and attention to detail. Thank you also for building my dream of an automated fund reporting website.”


Studiothink is a Surrey web design agency

We build amazing websites, then put control in your hands.

If you happen to be a type A control freak (like us) then you will want to have the flexibilty to change, edit and update your own website content, which is why we build our sites on a variety of Content Management Systems, depending on your personal preference or needs. Whether you want to change a phone number, add a photo, or update your copy, we make it easy, and even provide training. 

Studiothink is a Vancouver web design company

Looking for more than just front end web design? Our web developers can handle that too.

If the demands of your website require online catalogues, ecommerce, custom user account dashboards or profiles and other nerdy programmer-type things, we can do that. Our in-house developers have the knowledge needed to build advanced functionality when you need it. They're smart like that.